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What? Expense splitting as easy as email

Jottr is an expense splitting app which runs purely on email, by using specific subject lines.
For more info, email [email protected] with subject as 'help'




Why? Because we hate downloading apps for every single thing

Jottr lets you tally all the expenses incurred in a group by sending emails from one email id. No signups. No downloads. 100% free.




How? Use cases from our fans

Tell us how are you using it. We love to hear from you. Mail us at [email protected]




Frequently Asked Questions


Jottr runs completely on your email. So it is independent of the OS or devices. You need not even visit this page. Read the complete FAQ for details.
The following subject lines are to be used.
  1. xyz pays 0123 for tickets -> This will save the expense. First names only (single word).
  2. report -> This will give the tally & summary of the expenses.
  3. delete -> This will delete all records saved against the email id. This cannot be reversed.
  4. help -> This will send an explanatory email.
Jottr is designed to be a simple no-frill web app, and it is kept that way. Anyways trips/events/get-togethers always have a team leader. Usage of only one email id keeps the sanity in the insanity of your trips. :-P
Jottr works on simple arithmetic. If a wrong entry of, say 250, is made, you need to simply make a entry of a negative and it shall balance off. -250 in this case.
Wrong entry: ashish pays 250 for taxi.
Correction: ashish pays -250 for taxi.
Ensure if you have mis-spelt the name. the correction entry should also be mis-spelt.
We all have that someone in our groups. :-P
No worries! In such a scenario, simply email subject as <that someone's name> pays 0.

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